Why use a professional voice over artist?

Sound is a key part of your brand; listeners need to like what they hear from your company. Potential customers will notice if your people sound nervous, or the quality of the recording is poor. Having worked in production at Two Four Productions, the BBC and ITV West, I understand the needs from both sides of the camera or mic and can deliver an engaging, upbeat sound for your audience.

How do I choose a suitable voice over artist?

There are a wide range of voice talents to choose from, and ultimately, the decision to use a particular voice is personal. Many of my clients cite my tone as warm, upbeat, professional- with a unique timbre.

What questions will you ask, before recording can start?

I’ll need to know the scope: how long is the script, what the purpose is, and who it’s aiming for – what is the style. My background is in broadcasting and acting, so voice over is second nature for me. Once you’ve talked me through what you need, I can deliver it quickly.

How long does it take to record a voice over?

Once I have your written script, I can turnaround a finished voice over on wav or mp3 within 24 hours. Get in touch to check my availability or if you’d like to chat through your job and pencil it in.

What equipment does your studio have?

My broadcast studio is fully equipped studio with ISDN for live sessions, a Pronto 3 codec and Orpheus microphone. Audio is recorded using Adobe Audition on mp3 or wav. My ISDN line is 01275 891024.

Where can I hear your work?

My show reels are available on sound cloud or you can simply call me on 07967 135163 to discuss your requirements.