Freelance Mum Event Series & Networking

Freelance Mum was born of my own need, of being a freelance voiceover artist, juggling work around family.

Although I’d been a freelancer all my life, it was a whole new balancing act once children were thrown into the mix.

Previously, I’d been able to attend networking events and make connections for my business, but with two little people in tow, it was impossible.

With limited ‘child-free windows’, time was premium and networking fell along the way side. But I was quite sure I couldn’t be the only ‘freelance mum’ struggling.

Networking & guest speakers

Activities to keep your little ones entertained

So, I created ‘Freelance Mum’ – child-friendly networking events for mums (and dads) in business. We meet twice a month at St Paul’s Church and Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol.

Freelance Mum has been running since 2014 (the benchmark of that, being my second child Suki, who was just 9 weeks at the time) and has gained national recognition for its work, as well as an enormous following in the South West.

The daytime networking events, require strict time keeping, in order to make sure everything runs to schedule (all important when you’re working with tired children!).

I’m always there to meet and greet every attendee as they arrive, set the tone with an ice breaker, ensure the meetings runs smoothly, introduce the guest speakers and ensure guests are making connections. It’s a packed and well-practiced 2 hours, which needs me to be constantly ‘front of house’ from start to finish.

It provides excellent opportunities for the attendees to gain knowledge, connections and grow their businesses in a supportive environment.

Join us on our ‘netwalk’ where we help each other tackle challenges in our businesses

Netwalk with Freelance Mum